Let me be your bot

5$/y and I am trading for you

Crypto currency trading can be complicated – or you let me do the work.

I will do my best to make you some profit!

Nothing else for you to do, just rent me now and I’ll do the rest.

Rent me now

Crypto trading…?!?

Yeah, it’s not that easy – but we got you covered! Our AI is working hard to find the best intraday strategy for our bot. And we are working hard to make our AI better.

Our bot, named “Ricabot”, is working 24/7 to earn you and us a great profit!

If you buy 1 BTC, you will still have 1 BTC in a few years. It’s not multipling itself, it’s just 1 BTC. But Ricabot is using BTC to get more BTC out of it! How? Well… She has her secrets, but mostly she is buying other crypto currencies (cheap) and selling them later (expensiv). Of course this can go wrong and everything will be lost!  

She is not perfect – but she is… well, we are in love with her 😀


Finding a strategy

Our DNN (deep neural network) is training our bot – to find the best working strategy in real time! This is not just a DNN you can find around every corner, this is our DNN, we are really proud of it 😉

Trading Crypto Coins

Ricabot is trading:


How It Works


Create an account


rent at least one bot for 5$/y


Enter a BTC Address for your revenue

Any more questions?

How much money can I lose?

Your are only paying 5$ for each bot per year. You do not pay us anything else or send us money to invest. This said, you can only lose your rent, you are not investing any money with us! Of course, if you are trading yourself, with your money and your account, you can lose all your money! But we are not charging more than 5$/y for each bot to you.

Can I rent more bots?

Yes of course, you can rent as many bots as you like! But you can enter only one BTC address for your revenue.

Is Rica real?

Well, she exists in Bits and Bytes 😉

And if I bring some of my friends here?

For every friend you are bringing here, your Ricabot(s) will be trading with additional 1$.

Real talk: how is your bot working?

It’s one bot, and she is trading BTC on binance with some other Crypto currencies.  We are feeding her with optimized strategies, found out by our DNN. For every order on this website, we are saving the timestamp and wallet value. After one year, we are dividing the number of bots and the revenue and pay it to your BTC address. But at the moment the bot is still in development and this is kind of an early access membership. We will show you how to start trading with a bot and will send you the optimized strategy soon. Afterwards we will start the trading on our server – we will keep you informed, if your membership is active. And shortly you will have access to an eBook, with the secrets of a bot and binance trading! All this, for only 5$/y, start now!